The technology behind video conferencing, video streaming, audio calls etc, is in fact, very simple.
However, to do it well is infinitely complex.

We have so much bandwidth nowadays, that taking a frame from a webcam, sending it as is, and in real time, is no big deal, and it can be done with the most minimal of technical innovation.

Have you noticed, a lot of video conferencing solutions, require you to wear headphones ? To prevent audio echo ?.. Well this is one good example of complexity.
The seemingly simple job, propels this initially trivial task of taking quick photos from a web cam in succession and sending them live, to a completely different beast.

All of a sudden, we are now in the world of hard core acoustic science, sub-microsecond algorithm and software concepts to analyze the very building blocks of audio and detect and recognize ones own voice being repeated a milliseconds again the future, the root of what causes the annoying double talk.

Here at,, not only you will be in the front row, and witness the development, refinement and launch of the amazing new service, I'm going to explain the inner working of our technology in easy to grasp , bite size chunks of information.

Before we begin, let's look at some of the technical jargon, you may encounter when reading about the technology behind video conferencing.